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FUEGO FUEGO 2024 : Un week-end de feu !
Quelle façon de démarrer l'été. À l'année prochaine, Familia !

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Billets et prix

Billets journaliers


  • Billet festival valide pour 1 jour en admission générale le samedi 25 mai ou dimanche 26 mai au Parc Olympique de Montréal.

  • Prix et programmation sujets à changement.

  • Taxes et frais de service inclus.




  • Billet festival valide pour 1 jour le samedi 25 mai ou dimanche 26 mai au Parc Olympique de Montréal.

  • Accès à la zone VIP BIRKENSTOCK exclusive donnant une vue rapprochée de la scène Corona.

  • Accès à des concessions de nourriture et de boissons exclusives.

  • Entrée plus rapide vers le site du festival.

  • Toilettes privées.

  • Prix et programmation sujets à changement.

  • Taxes et frais de service inclus.




Sélectionnez l’option de paiement Klarna au moment de passer à la caisse et répartissez votre achat en 4 versements sans frais lorsque vous payez à temps. Suivez simplement les étapes pour configurer votre compte client, et Klarna traitera automatiquement les paiements prévus sur votre carte de crédit toutes les deux semaines.

  • Where does the festival take place?
    The Fuego Fuego festival takes place at the Montreal Olympic Park, near the PIE-IX and VIAU metro stations.
  • When will the Fuego Fuego 2024 festival take place?
    The third edition of the Fuego Fuego festival will take place on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26, 2024 at the Olympic Park in Montreal.  On Friday May 24, 2024, join us at the official FUEGO FUEGO pre-party : THE DOWNTOWN RUMBA !
    On Friday May 24, 2024 it’s THE DOWNTOWN RUMBA! To warm-up before the Fuego Fuego weekend, we are organizing an official pre-party with Jetlag Gang at Studio TD in downtown Montreal! Tickets must be purchased separately and are available here.
  • What is the age requirement to attend the festival?
    General Admission and VIP entry to the festival are open to all ages. People under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 10 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult with a valid Fuego Fuego festival ticket. Children aged 11 and over must have a valid ticket to enter. *Due to the limited space available in premium areas, each person admitted to these sections will need to have a VIP ticket, including children.
  • What is the age requirement for VIP passes?
    VIP passes are available to people of all ages.
  • How will you validate the age of festival-goers?
    Each person who wishes to consume and purchase alcoholic beverages at the event venue must show two (2) valid pieces of identification, issued by a government authority, with photo (Driver's License, Health Insurance, Passport, Student Card with photo and date of birth.) Photos or photocopies of an identity document will not be accepted. The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18.
  • What if it rains?
    Rain or shine, the show must go on! Please check the weather before coming to the site and dress accordingly to make sure you have a good experience at Fuego Fuego! Poor weather conditions may force us to interrupt the schedule temporarily. Follow our social media pages for the latest information.
  • What type of weather can I expect in Montreal in May?
    Usually, the last weekend of May is hot and sunny in Montreal: sunglasses and sunscreen are strongly recommended. The temperature can be unpredictable, so we suggest you bring a jacket, raincoat or poncho in case of rainy weather.
  • Are you hiring employees to work at the festival?
    If you would like to apply to work at the festival, we invite you to send your resume at and to indicate which role you are interested in.
  • How can members of the media and photographers get an accreditation for the festival?
    For all questions regarding accreditation, please contact evenko's media relations department: .
  • Can I leave the festival site and return?
    No, there is no readmission. Once you leave the festival site, you cannot return. You can leave the site at any time, but you will not be able to return.
  • evenko foundation
    A booth will be located near the General Admission entrance. It will be possible to purchase tickets for the evenko Foundation's 50/50 lottery for music education. For more details:
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