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Come see our team at the customer experience counter, located near the General Admission entrance. We will be able to answer your questions and guide you on-site. It will also be possible to obtain earplugs, hygiene products, etc.



Want to enhance your experience? Get access to the best view of the stage from the Birkenstock VIP Zone. 



Pimentez votre expérience au festival Fuego Fuego avec Révolution du rythme RBCxMusique ! Suivez la chorégraphie sur votre téléphone pour courir la chance de remporter des prix électrisants, dont des avantages VIP, des codes Concert Cash et des marchandises exclusives. Que le danseur le plus enflammé gagne !   Rendez-vous à l’espace RBCxMusique pour participer.

Casa Altos

Hola! Altos Tequila welcomes you to Casa Altos. Voted the #1 Tequila for margaritas by Drinks International, Altos is bringing a piece of Jalisco, Mexico to Montreal. Stop by, cool off and enjoy a Margarita, celebrate a shot with friends and take in the vibes of Mexico - BUENAS VIBRAS! 

Altos Fuego Fuego 1080x1080px ENG.jpg

Remy Martin

Enhance your festival experience by visiting the Remy Martin bar where you can choose from a delicious selection of featured cocktails.

Festival Site

Reserve your locker

Enjoy your festival without worries! Reserve your LocketGo locker now and be comfortable throughout the festival!

Food & Drinks

A variety of counters and food trucks will be available on-site. You can find, among others: churros, frozen desserts, empanadas, hot dogs, quesabirria, corn, poutine, pizza, tacos, and more! Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

We cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination during food preparation.

We will also offer a full bar menu, including beers, signature cocktails, wines, etc. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available for sale at our various points of sale.

Getting Ready

Everything you need to know about the Festival

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